Dhcp not updating dns

Changing the computer's (Windows 7) IP address to a static IP will cause the DNS (Windows Server 2008 R2) to update.

But changing the IP back to dynamic will not cause the DNS to update.

While DHCP provides a powerful mechanism for automatically configuring client IP addresses, until recently DHCP did not notify the DNS service to update the DNS records on the client; specifically, updating the client name to an IP address, and IP address to name mappings maintained by a DNS server.

Without a way for DHCP to interact with DNS, the information maintained by DNS for a DHCP client may be incorrect.

The DHCP server can automatically differentiate between Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista, and other clients.

DHCP requires the use of DNS dynamic update to keep name-to-address mapping information synchronized.

To avoid failed DNS lookups for DHCP-registered clients when static DNS service is in effect, do the following steps: Wherever possible, upgrade or replace older, static-based DNS servers with DNS servers supporting updates.

Dynamic updates are supported by the Microsoft DNS service, included in Windows 2000.

For more information, see the chapter "Windows 2000 DNS" in this book A Windows 2000 DHCP server can register with a DNS server and update pointer (PTR) and address (A) resource records on behalf of its DHCP-enabled clients using the DNS dynamic update protocol.Domain Name System (DNS) servers provide name resolution for network clients.DNS maintains (among other things) information that links a computer's fully qualified domain name (FQDN) to its assigned IP address(es).The ability to register both A and PTR type records lets a DHCP server act as a proxy for clients using Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 for the purpose of DNS registration.DHCP servers can differentiate between Windows 2000 and other clients.

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This DHCP option permits the DHCP server the following possible interactions for processing DNS information on behalf of DHCP clients that include Option Code 81 in the DHCPRequest message they send to the server: DHCP and static DNS service are not compatible for keeping name-to-address mapping information synchronized.

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