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The data from the various education and income groups further confirms the slowed growth of the online population in 2002.

Of particular note was a decline in the number of people with less than a high school degree who are online.

In August of this year, 65% of men and 61% of women were online.

Since there are more women in the United States than men, this meant that the Internet population was about 51% female.

As the Internet increasingly became a part of everyday life for Americans, there were no longer droves of new users rushing online.

Instead, small fluctuations in the overall population indicated that as new people came online, others were dropping off.

Similarly, the 50- to 64-year olds stabilized at exactly 55% for all but one survey period during 2002 but then grew to 59% in our August survey.Whites predominated in the mid-1990s, minorities saw high growth rates at the turn of the century, and the growth in all groups slowed in 2002.Whites hit 63% for Internet penetration in January 2002, dipped somewhat in the months after that, then hit 64% in August 2003.The least wired age group, those 65 and over, has come online slowly but steadily since 2000, and showed only negligible growth over the course of 20 — 20% of seniors were online in December 2002, and 22% reported use of the Internet in our August 2003 survey.Other demographics confirm the slowdown in Internet growth.

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In March 2000, 18% of Internet users had been online for 6 months or less, 21% had been online for 1 year, 33% for 2-3 years, and 28% had used the Internet for more than 3 years.

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