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Jason and Porschla were first seen together at a charity function hosted by Le Bron James.Most probably, the couple met for the first time there only.Miami Beach, FL – August 14, 2010 – These are the first photos of NBA player Jason Kidd & his longtime girlfriend Porschla Coleman after they got engaged this weekend.They were out celebrating with friends at Louis Bar & Lounge after a late night dinner at Philippe at Gansevoort.Porschla Coleman is lashing out at those who think they know the inside story of her breakup with Russell Simmons. "It's around the corner, and he helped me pick it out," Porschla told us.

Jason Kidd filed for divorce from Joumana in 2007, claiming that she was emotionally unstable and installed tracking devices in his car.After a tumultuous 10-year marriage to NBA star Jason Kidd , a messy divorce and five years raising her three kids as a single mom, Joumana Kidd is ready to come clean.“People that I never would have thought abandoned me and the kids,” she tells Metropolis Nights Magazine in an interview out in full Oct. “I kept thinking everyone was going to be in one room and jump out and say, ‘Surprise!He loves traveling, writing, and following his favorite Sportsperson.This love sometimes extends to digging out information about popular Wags.

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After marriage, Posrchla decided to dedicate her life towards her family. Jason founded this charity in 1996 when he reached the NBA.

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  1. By Catherine Campbell I always let them down gently, but firmly. Sometimes I have their things already boxed up—blues records, T-shirts I liked to sleep in, the earrings they bought me on various business trips—so they don’t have to go through an awkward epilogue.