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:)Given my experiences using the web over the past couplefew months while everybody's been freaked out about the economy and avoiding layoffs or just being opportunists, I've noticed a huge uptick in the number of popunder ads and autoplay video ads.

There was a similar site in the UK relatively recently, advertised quite heavily on TV I recall. I no longer have a TV so I don't know if they're still advertising.

I've been hired to work on dating sites before, they've all failed due to lack of users.

I'm now quite wary of working with anybody who has an idea for the next big dating site.

I have ideas of my own, but not confident ones I'd actually risk spending time/money is an intriguing player in this field. Nice way to introduce local deal and minimize the 'stalker' factor.

Apparently, they have a decent base in NY, but currently their Midwest member-base is limited. But, from a "change the world," or "next Big Thing" perspective it's sad to see.

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