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Andrew Gilligan made the same point in his resignation statement.The current law of defamation acknowledges the possibility of the right to be wrong and it is important that the civil courts take a view over whether a story was in the public interest, the nature of the sources of the information, and journalistic and news organisation checks.

Critics of the system should take careful note of this.

Decide for yourself whether the media 'embeds' - of whom I was one - were the world's eyes and ears inside the military, or merely the puppets of the Pentagon and the Ministry of Defence in London' - Ben Brown, BBC 'Media at War offers insights into the ways in which media at war inevitably become participants in both the ...

On the first point, Hutton exonerated the government of the main charges of distortion of intelligence material (‘sexing up’ the document), arguing that the changes made at the government's behest were largely cosmetic, and that the relevant authority (the Joint Intelligence Committee) had ensured that the contents of the dossier were compatible with available intelligence.

Hutton also severely criticised the BBC's editorial and management processes, which had allowed the news report to be broadcast unchecked and resulted in senior BBC personnel not having an adequate subsequent overview of the issues involved in the government's complaint.

The criticisms of the BBC were sufficiently severe that the chairman of the BBC Board of Governors (Gavyn Davies), the director general (Greg Dyke) and reporter Andrew Gilligan were obliged to resign.

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But he has concluded that in the highly unusual circumstances of last summer, the governors should have conducted their own investigation of Mr Campbell's complaints.

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