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As for Muskos' motion, he told AFP news agency saw no reason why it wouldn't pass, except that officials may not place enough trust in the town's employees.But even here, Sweden has statistics on its side: The country has some of the highest levels of trust in the world.

In addition to the rape report Swedish police say they recorded 11 cases of sexual abuses at the July 28-July 1 event.Several world famous pornstars hail from the Nordic country and their vintage videos are among the most sought after.A large music festival in Sweden that has hosted artists such as Kanye West, Robbie Williams and Iron Maiden has called off next year's event after several reports of sexual abuse.“It's about having better relationships.” As in many developed countries, Sweden's fertility rate has been gradually falling for the past several decades.In 1960, according to World Bank data, Swedish women had an average of 2.2 children – a rate scholars call “replacement fertility” as it tends to keep the population steady.

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