Tease and dating

Additionally, if you'd like to check out some of my other writings for I find it both unfortunate and rather offensive that this article focuses so specifically on gender.

There’s more or less an implicit understanding between the two parties that what interested, so that even if they can’t fool around for real, they can at least “play” at fooling around.A flirt may also lead a man on, but here the “come hither” is meant either as a fun “proposition” for both of them to indulge in, or a suggestion of strong romantic interest that might, mutually, be pursued.But with the cock teaser, their interest isn’t in the other person at all but in arousing his libido—with the ultimate intention of thwarting (or possibly ) that arousal.Nothing came of this all-too-brief, innocent “tease,” but he was amazed at the electric sparks he felt literally flying all around them. It’s as though, for various self- and ego-centered reasons, the cock teaser simply can’t resist the temptation to entice the other person, so as to experience the satisfaction of their drooling over her—and with no real intention of satisfying the desire so skillfully kindled.If this seems perverse, manipulative, or mean-spirited, well, it is.

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