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), which he had no idea how to knit back into place, she suggested he bring the jeans with him the next time he came over, and she’d be happy to fix it for him. Or you could take them off right now, and we could have an affair.” In the moment he was much too taken aback to respond, and she immediately hastened to change the subject. Note how this scenario amusingly exemplifies Wikipedia’s description of flirting as ordinarily entailing “speaking and behaving in a way that suggests . Covertly, the message (calculatingly disguised from the recipient) is something like: “You’re not going to get what I I’m available for sex [or intercourse], but in the end you’ll get nothing of what I’ll leave you craving for.” The cock teaser (usually female, but occasionally a straight male teasing a gay admirer) really has no intention or desire to have sex with the other person, but yet enjoys evoking or stoking desire.

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That article story referenced a SB 180, a bill introduced into the Kentucky state senate on , and the mention of “allowing discrimination against interracial couples” led some readers to infer that the bill in question had made (or would make) mixed-race marriage illegal in Kentucky.

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