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The board had a line of holes radiating from the center towards each of the 32 compass points.

Sailors inserted pegs in the holes to show the vessel’s course and speed each half hour.

Charts use special symbols and abbreviations to convey information for mariners.1561-1615. Edward Wright's world map of 1599, published in 1600, coupled with his 1599 book "Certaine Errors in Navigation" corrected errors in Mercator's projections so that rhumb lines appear as straight lines.

Read More Rhumb line Straight line compass course between two points on a Mercator chart.

Between 16, Champlain made 12 voyages to what was to become Canada, establishing it as a French colony, founding Quebec, and exploring up the St. In 1602 he led an unsuccessful voyage in search of the Northwest Passage, exploring the area between Greenland and Labrador.

English ship captain and explorer, and student of mathematics, navigation and ship building.

Crossing the Atlantic, navigators used the lead line to find the continental shelf, and, more importantly, find the .Certaine Errors in Navigation Lead line A means of finding the depth of water near coasts and probably the earliest device used by coastal navigators to facilitate safe navigation.It consists of a hemp line with a lead weight attached (about 7 pounds).This angular measurement is given in degrees, minutes (1/60th of a degree), and seconds (1/60th of a minute) of arc.Read More True South The direction of the South Pole from any place on the earth's surface, through which all meridians of longitude pass on maps and charts.

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