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In my visits with him, in the course of several months, I never saw him handle a piece of paper.

When people give him books, he says, he gives them away, then downloads the e-book, which he usually deletes from his i Pad after he’s finished.

While Davis spoke, more than half a million supporters sent out tweets with the hashtag #Stand With Wendy.

Tweeters read one another’s tweets and retweeted them, making Davis’s pink sneakers famous in the process.

The previous day, the Supreme Court had voted to uphold gay marriage—a particularly big deal in San Francisco.

Dorsey loves cities and the way movement within them can be charted and broken down into millions of parts.He once hoped to have a big library, but he prefers this: what good is information if you can’t have access to it whenever you like?He owns a Leica, but mostly takes pictures with the i Phone.A city is a system that is at once flexible and stable, searchable and random.He expressed a similar interest in ant communities and aspen trees. I think humans have the same thing, though it’s not as much on the surface.” He likes to draw ferns.

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